Entrance to Emmerton Park Residential Care

Residential Care

How to apply

Residential bedroom unit When entering residential care the government requires anyone wishing to access a low or high care facility to be assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). Your application cannot be considered without an ACAT approval. Aged Care Assessment Team phone number is 03 64298400, or click on the link above.

While the Australian Government provides funding to Emmerton Park to assist with the costs associated with providing care, residents will also contribute to the cost of their care by paying fees and charges. The fees and charges payable are linked to your date of entry, your income and assets, whether or not you are a pensioner and your level of care. The fees and charges fall into two categories:
*Day care fees; and
*Accommodation payments.
Day care fees are income assessed and are a contribution towards your daily living costs – such as nursing and personal care, meals and refreshment, cleaning, heating, cooling and lighting and recreation.
Accommodation payments are asset assessed and are amounts payable by you for entry to Emmerton Park.
Click here for details about Residential Pricing.