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Home Based Care

At Emmerton Park, we are proud of our reputation as a provider of high quality care. Community Aged Care Packages (CACP and EACH) are individually planned and coordinated packages of care tailored to help older Circular Head residents remain living in their own homes.

We work closely with clients and families to ensure our individualised care and services meets the needs of each client. CACP and EACH packages are very flexible and are designed to help with individual care needs. The types of services that may be provided as part of a package may include:
*Personal care
*Social support
*Transport to appointments
*Home help
*Meal preparation, and
*Registered nursing care
*Care by an allied health professional such as a physiotherapist, podiatrist or other type of allied health care.

Consumer Directed Care (CDC)

Emmerton Park is currently transitioning our CACP and EACH packages to Consumer Directed Care (CDC) which give older people greater say and control over the design and delivery of community services provided to them and their carers.

What are CDC packages:

CDC packages are designed to:
Allow you to control the types of care you access, how it is delivered and who provides that care
Enable you to set your goals regarding being independent for as long as possible, remaining healthy, or returning home after a hospital stay
Allow you to determine how much involvement you want in managing your package
Deliver ongoing monitoring and formal reviews by your provider to ensure your package continues to meet your needs
Provide you with greater transparency on how your package is funded and the funds are spent through the Care Recipient Agreement.

How to Apply

The government requires anyone wishing to access a CACP or EACH to be assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). Your application cannot be considered without an ACAT approval. Aged Care Assessment Team 03 64298400 or refer to our LINKS page for further information. Information on ACAT is also available from doctors, hospitals and community centres. ACAT assessments are free of charge. The Aged Care Information Line 1800 500 853 or a Commonwealth Carelink Centre 1800 052 222 can also assist. If your ACAT assessment approves you as eligible for low level care and you have expressed a preference to be cared for in your home, the Emmerton Park will be able to offer you a CACP if there is one available. Please refer to our CONTACT page to arrange a visit by our Director of Care who will discuss your personal needs and CACP (EACH) application.


Costs associated with Community Care are set by the Australian Government. You can be asked to pay a fee for a community care package. If you are receiving the aged pension, the maximum fee which can be charged is 17.5% of the basic rate of single pension. The maximum fee for community care packages changes each September. People on higher incomes may be asked to pay income-tested fees.

Emmerton Park must inform you of our fees policy and no one will be denied a service they need, based on an inability to pay fees.

Day Respite Care

At Emmerton Park, we are proud of our reputation as a provider of high quality care. Our day care service is designed primarily to relieve full time carers and to provide a stimulating and enjoyable social environment for people who are frail elderly or who have a disability. Our Day Respite Centre is located in the Senior Citizens Centre and provides quality daytime respite care to the frail, aged, people with disabilities and those who are socially isolated, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, each week.
Structured leisure and lifestyle activities are offered to individuals and small groups. Programs are designed to support, maintain and respond to individual client needs. The needs of clients and carers are assessed and regularly reviewed to assist staff in providing high quality care. Morning tea and lunch are provided. Consideration is given to special dietary needs and staff are available to provide full assistance if required. Transport is normally available door-to-door, to and from the Centre, for those in the local area.

We have recently introduced a Mens’ Woodwork group who meet each Thursday. The Mens’ Group keep busy restoring furniture and building other items for use within the facility or for sale to the public.

How to apply

Clients must be HACC eligible and can be:
*Referred by a General Practitioner or other Health Practitioner
*Referred by a Community Nurse
*Referred from hospital
*Referred by relatives or friends, or
*Referred by other community organisations.


A small daily charge applies and covers a midday meal. Emmerton Park informs you of our fees policy and no one will be denied a service they need, based on an inability to pay fees.